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Sunday , 22/10/2017

At Clove, we strive to create a culture that rewards excellence and promotes growth and development. We invest in our people through various development programs. Our aim is to bring out the best in our people, while enhancing their competencies to support Clove goals.

Our Career Growth Process is aimed at developing individuals to progress with the organization.

11 Levels of the organization is categorized in 5 role groups. There are 3 ways the employee’s career can move.

1. Career Progression – Employee keeps developing himself through development interventions and moves up in the ladder within the same role group. In this movement, the employee moves up in same role group on the basis of performance, experience in the company and competencies. This movement will be with marginal change in the roles and responsibility.

2. Promotion – When employee demonstrates the competencies of the next role group, he / she is promoted to next role.

3. Lateral Movement – Employee aspires for different functions at the same role group. E.g. a Dentist aspires to be HR Manager from Sr. Resident Dentist, and then he/she prepares himself for that role.

The various role groups at Clove are:

Rank Management Clinical
15 CEO
13 President President
12 Vice President Clinical Director
11 Asst. Vice President Regional Clinical Heads
10 General Manager Sr. Zonal Clinical Heads
9 Assistant General Manager Zonal Clinical Heads
8 Senior Manager Deputy Zonal Clinical Heads
7 Manager Sr. Consultants
6 Deputy Manager Consultants
5 Assistant Manager Sr. Residents
4 Sr. Executive Residents
3 Executive Trainee / Camp Doctors
2 Supervisor DA1
1 MSTs / Construction Staff DA

We have a competency framework on the basis of which we assess the candidates for recruitment and promotion. A candidate is selected only when he or she exhibits the required behaviors for their respective roles.

Our organization has the following job competencies:

  • Patient Service
    1. Earning Patients trust by delivering on our promises
    2. Demonstrating a sense of urgency and responsibility in honouring commitments and time-line
  • Respect & Collaboration
    1. Respect, empathise, engage and communicate effectively with people
    2. Creating a culture of open & candid dialogue and transparency
  • Integrity
    1. Creating an environment where all members are able to highlight ethical violations, regardless of seniority
    2. A disciplined evidence-based ethical approach
  • Quality
    1. Best-in-class Quality of Service
    2. Best-in-class Dental Quality
  • Results & Focus
    1. Settings stretched goals for self and motivate others
    2. Plan, monitor and manage resources
    3. Single minded determination to win
  • Innovation / Learnability
    1. Comfort with uncertainty and change
    2. Out-of-the-box thinking
  • Ownership
    1. Owning the company’s perfect image
    2. I am Clove!