Knowledge, Awareness, Attitude And Practice Concerns About Covid Prevention Among Clove Doctors In India: A Questionnaire Survey


Last Modified: December 7, 2023


Objectives: To ascertain the knowledge and awareness amongst dentists working in Clove Dental about the COVID19 disease, their readiness to work in clinics, precautions being undertaken by them in the clinics, measures for safety of patients as well as their own safety and to assess the information level and the attitude of doctors during this pandemic towards COVID-19 safety protocols and various guidelines.

Materials & Methods: The current Questionnaire Survey using Google platform consisted of 35 questions, which included 5 questions corresponding to baseline data of the study participants and the remaining 30 questions focussed on various aspects of awareness, safety and prevention protocols of doctors, dental assistants and patients. Questions were framed keeping in mind that all participants were working in the same organisation and they could send their replies incognito. The survey was conducted when the COVID19 scare was at its peak (Apr-May 2020) and the awareness about the disease was developing. Further, the fear factor amongst the dentists to return to work was the greatest. Google Forms for surveys was considered as the preferred tool because these forms have been considered to be an easy method to collect data within short span of time which comes partly collated to you for further computing especially where the sample is being collected from 27 cities in the country. Google Form links of the questionnaire were shared with all the 950 doctors working in 350 Dental Clinics in 27 locations across the country.

Results: A total of 406 Clove Doctors responded in the study. Almost 100% strict sterilization and sanitization was reported with awareness and updated knowledge regarding COVID-19, asepsis and sterilization among doctors. More than 99% respondents answered ‘Yes’ to questions like; Are you updated with the latest Guidelines on Infection Control regarding COVID-19, training on COVID-19 guidelines by Clove Dental has proved to be useful, Carrying out assessment on COVID guidelines was a good idea and awareness that dental surgeon has complete right to defer patient’s treatment. Further, 97% dentists responded that Standard Operating Protocols (SOPs) were being strictly followed by everyone including PPE kits, personal & travel history record, temperature and SpO2 measurements.

Conclusion: Doctors in Clove Dental were found to be aware of the latest guidelines and also updated in protocols pertaining to safety and prevention. Doctor’s placed their faith in the actions undertaken for their safety and the safety of their patients. Doctors were also confident of working in clove clinics after they were trained and when they witnessed that the updated armamentarium is available at all functional Clove clinics to guarantee the safety and protection of the patients, doctors, dental assistants and staff.

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