Brace your Teeth with healthy mouth!!


Last Modified: May 10, 2019


People who wear braces have one thought for sure. How to brush their teeth with braces on? Is there any special way of brushing the teeth with braces? Are we using the right way? They visit the clinic with such queries in mind.

There is no hard & fast rule of brushing your teeth with braces. In fact, it is no difference as brushing teeth without braces. We just need to be a little more careful while brushing. Yes, we need to brush twice a day as we normally do. But it is advised to brush after every meal to make sure that food particles are not stuck under brackets and wires. If not possible to brush, make sure that you rinse your mouth after every meal. This will wash away food particles stuck between the brackets.

The things we need to be careful about while brushing is:

  • Choose the right type of Tooth Brush – There are chances that the toothbrush you were using before getting braces is no longer suitable. One can opt for electric toothbrush or spindle brush as it helps to clean the area between brackets and teeth and between individual teeth.
  • Go for brushing the exterior part – Start off with brushing the area where you have your metal brackets. This is the area visible to people when you smile. Though this area will not damage your teeth the most, yet the plaque can get deposited on this area making it visible. Brush the area below the brackets first followed by the area above. Nothing can be better than slanting your brush as it is the ideal position to clean under the wire.
  • Then go for interior ones – Since these do not have brackets therefore, it is easier to clean this surface. A special attention is required on the sides and back of your teeth. But do not be in hurry brush gently giving it proper attention and time as you will do to others.
  • Flossing your teeth helps too – Though it might sound an impossible to be a task, yet it is extremely important to floss. A little time is required to floss around the wire, but it is worth the effort. Your dentist can surely guide you as to how to floss with braces on.
  • Change your toothbrush often – Brushing while braces on can wear off your toothbrush more often. As a result, one might need to change the brush before three months.

Do not let braces be the barrier. Use it for your advantage and along the germ-free mouth get a beautiful straight smile you desire.

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