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How Cigarettes Harm Your Teeth?


Last Modified: February 2, 2022


Did you know, India is home to 12% of the smokers. According to “ A National Representative study on smoking and deaths in India” tobacco is responsible for 1 in 5 all the male deaths and 1 in 20 all female deaths in the country. Smoking mostly involves the use of cigarettes, bidis, chillum, pipes, e-cigarettes, and more. All these contain nicotine, the most prominent and active substance present in tobacco. 

With time, your brain gets addicted to nicotine and demands more and more of it. As per the best dentist near me, all these leave a negative effect on the oral health in multiple ways. So, if you are unaware of the effects of smoking on your oral health, this blog is useful to you. 

Effects of Smoking On Your Oral Health

  • Smoking signs your sense of smell and taste. Cigarettes also stain your teeth and discolour your tongue. In addition, smoking affects your breath and renders you with bad breath. 
  • Smoking reduces the defensive capacity of the body making the person more prone to disease and infection.
  • Smoking affects teeth as well as gums. Periodontal diseases and gingivitis are significantly more prevalent in people having a history of smoking. 
  • People with smoking habits complain more of mouth ulcers and sores. 
  • Infection of the gum lines helps build up tartar and plaque, which can increase the severity of any oral disease. This plaque build-up and tartar lead to tooth decay and in worst-case scenarios even tooth loss.
    How Tobacco is Harmful to Your Health ?

Best Useful Ways to Quit Smoking

  • Everyone has the motivation to quit smoking. It can be any reason, be it health, family, or just to save money. Keep this motivation in your mind and every time you feel like smoking, involve yourself in some other activity. All these will keep you away from smoking. 
  • Avoid triggers in your life. Stop being around people who intensify your craving. Avoid the locations where you are tempted to smoke. 
  • Keep yourself busy as much as you can. Being busy keeps you distracted which will help you manage your craving. 
  • If you are not able to get over your cravings, try nicotine replacement therapy. Use a nicotine patch or other over-the-counter products that are available on the market. But, make sure to follow the instruction of these products carefully. 
  • If you find yourself smoking cigarettes, don’t feel defeated by yourself. Don’t assume it’s impossible to quit. Be positive and pick yourself up. 

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Smoking affects your mouth as well as your body. Increased risk of gum diseases, tooth loss, or even oral cancers, all are bad signs. Take help from a therapist, decide the date to quit, make a plan, and brace yourself up for the same. At Clove Dental, our team of professionals help every patient maintain a better oral health and offer them a quality dental treatment that they deserve. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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