Why Are Clear Aligners The First Choice Of Teenagers?


Last Modified: June 2, 2022


Nowadays, every person is conscious of their smile and looks. Along with their overall health, they are getting aware of their oral health. However, it is not limited to having a bright and shiny smile, but more. The most overlooked oral health problems are misaligned teeth, crooked teeth, and minor oral defects. 

Malocclusion not only affects the aesthetics but also leads to many other dental issues that might worsen if not treated timely. All this can be prevented by a simple smile correction treatment. It comes under the orthodontic branch of dentistry, where an orthodontist focuses solely on smile management. But as soon as we hear about orthodontic treatment, the sight of bulky metal braces flashes in front of our eyes. This might be unnerving for many of us. Not anymore. 

After loads of research, many scientists and professionals have developed a perfect alternative to these bulky traditional braces, clear aligners. They are orthodontic devices that are transparent, plastic forms of dental braces used for smile correction. They undergo several changes and assessments to ensure that the effectiveness remains as that of the traditional braces. Opting for aligners is aesthetic and provides several benefits to the patients. Let us know more about it in detail. 

What are clear aligners, and how do they work?

Nowadays, clear aligners are the most preferred orthodontic treatment procedure for many young patients. These clear transparent, plastic aligners are formatted in a tray format, customized according to patient teeth anatomy. It requires an experienced and specialized professional known as an orthodontist. It is customized according to a 3D imaging technique, in which patients’ smile is assessed, and the treatment plan is customized according to patients’ requirements.

But how do they work?

Our teeth are always in a constant state of motion. The orthodontic treatment uses this motion and directs it in the right direction.

When a person wears these aligners, the teeth move in the desired direction at a languid pace. A specialized software keeps track of the teeth’ progress every month. This set needs to be worn for at least 20-22 hours a day, and the duration of the treatment usually depends on the severity of the malocclusion. The best part with these aligners is that they snugly fit onto the tooth, and with time they become a part of the body. 

Benefits of clear aligners 

The most exciting feature of clear aligners is their transparency and that they can be removed. They do not have any bulky wire or metal components. It is the best option for many image conscious patients and those who don’t want others to know about their ongoing dental treatment. With aligners, you can also have your favorite meals during ongoing dental treatment.

Many of us prioritize comfort over anything and aligners can give you just that. They are very convenient and comfortable means of smile correction. Alternatively, with braces, many patients complain of sore mouth and cuts which can be eliminated with aligners.

Along with all these, maintaining oral hygiene with clear aligners is super easy. They need to be removed while eating, and as soon as you are done, pop them back into your mouth after a quick rinse. Flossing and brushing are also very easy. Remove your aligners and brush normally, followed by flossing. You can Clean them under regular running water.

Additionally, clear aligners do not lead to any discoloration on the teeth. The patient wearing traditional braces faces a problem of white spot lesions on their teeth. This is eliminated in the clear aligners. They are removable appliances that do not require attachment to the tooth surface, thus, prevent any discoloration over the teeth. Many people do not opt for conventional orthodontic treatment as it requires frequent dental visits for a long duration. Unlike the conventional braces, aligners need professional assistance only once in two months which reduces the dental visits of the patients who wear them for at least 20-22 hours a day. 

Most children need to receive orthodontic treatment between the age of 9 to 14 years, as they have fewer permanent teeth at that time. After that, the time of treatment varies according to the patient.

Talk to The Experts at Clove For Your Customized Aligners

Aligners have eliminated all the disadvantages of conventional braces and are emerging as the best alternatives to the braces. Owing to their superior quality and benefits, the teens, professionals, and females have started opting for them in recent times. It has revolutionized orthodontic treatment and has provided the patients with the best option.

 At Clove, a leading dental clinic near you, we provide the best equipment and technology with the best orthodontist, who solely focuses on getting you a better smile. The 3D imaging technology and customization have made it possible to get predicted and flawless results. Get in touch with us to know more about the aligners and how they can enhance your smile.

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