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Clove Dental Clinic
  • dental surgeon
    January 31, 2022 Toshni Sharma comments (0)

    5 Things You Should Know While Getting Braces As An Adult

    One of the major benefits of braces for people of any age is that orthodontics can make their teeth look better in the long term. Braces can even help the...

  • Oral Health
    January 23, 2022 Toshni Sharma comments (0)

    Foods That Are Bad For Your Teeth

    You may have heard of the phrase “You are what you eat”  and this is so true when it comes to your teeth. Choosing the right food is very essential...

  • Fixed dentures
    January 24, 2022 Toshni Sharma comments (0)

    Fixed Denture V/s Partial Denture

    Dentures are appliances used to replace the missing teeth to get back the natural and beautiful smile on the person’s face. You must have seen your grandparents or veterans using...

  • January 25, 2022 Toshni Sharma comments (0)

    How Dental Health Affect the Overall Health?

    Doesn’t it surprise you when someone says that your dental health impacts your overall health?

    But it is scientifically proven that dental illness is linked to several diseases in...

  • Invisalign aligners
    January 27, 2022 Toshni Sharma comments (0)

    Invisalign Braces: A Perfect Smile Makeover

    For a beautiful smile, you need to have beautiful teeth. But it feels embarrassing to smile when the teeth are crooked, misaligned, and crowded. The best solution for this orthodontic...